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What is MDF board? Advantages and disadvantages of MDF - MDF Thanh Thanh Dat

Today, MDF is popular and widely used in furniture production because of the originality and elegance that it creates. MDF is considered an excellent solution to replace the exhausted natural wood source. So, what is MDF board? What advantages and disadvantages are it that are so popular?

MFD Wood planks

The introduction of MDF

MDF boards were first launched at Deposit factory in New York, USA. Since then, it has spread throughout the United States and has made great strides to this day.

The introduction of MDF is a great achievement for the US industry in particular and the world in general. After only 6 years of development, there are 3 manufacturing plants in the US and the output reaches 133,000 m3 / year. By 2000, there were a total of 291 factories worldwide and the largest plant's capacity reached 340,000 m3 / year.

So, what is MDF board?

MDF stands for “Medium Density Fiberboard, which means medium density fiberboard. But in fact, MDF is the common name for three types of fiberboard plywood with medium density and high density (hardboard). To distinguish these categories from each other, one relies on physical and mechanical parameters, thickness parameters and surface treatment of wooden boards.

In terms of composition, MDF is actually made from fragments, branches ... of natural wood. The wood is naturally cut, then crushed by a machine that forms cellulose wood fibers. Next, these wood fibers are put into the sink to wash away the remaining plastic impurities and minerals. And finally, they are put into a mixer with specialized glue and adhesives to compress into whole sheets.



In terms of size, the standard size of MDF is 1.2 - 2.4 m with many thicknesses ranging from 2.3mm, 2.5mm, ... 25mm to meet most of the needs of customers.

Regarding the appearance of the MDF board, the MDF surface is smooth and has a homogeneous crystal structure and most of the color is light straw. Depending on the purpose of use, MDF boards are pressed into different layers, sizes and colors such as green, which is anti-moisture, red is chemical resistant wood ...

MDF can combine with over 200 melamine color codes, over 80 laminate color codes, bringing maximum aesthetic effect. In addition, MDF can be combined with artificial or natural Veneer such as oak, oval, walnut ... bringing elegance and modernity.

Some other industrial materials including white enamel, glue, poly, acrylic ... can also be combined with MDF to create finished products. To optimize and achieve the highest efficiency in terms of aesthetics and durability of the product, it is applied edge-to-edge technology made of copper-colored PVC thread, which prevents the wooden boards from being absorbed by water and penetrating chemicals from the outside environment.

Advantages of MDF wooden boards

♻️ Minimize the situation of curving, warping, shrinkage or termites like natural wood so prolong the life of the finished product.

♻️ Flat surface, easy to execute interior

♻️ Cheaper than natural wood

 Process of manufacturing MDF boards

♻️ Easily combined with surface materials such as Veneer, Poly, acrylic, melamine, laminate ...

♻️ Suitable for many interior design styles

♻️ Product is available so construction time is faster.

Cons of MDF boards

♻️ There is a limit to thickness and ductility Kém Poor water resistance

♻️ Failing to make intricate carvings such as natural wood

Hopefully with the article "What is MDF board? Advantages and disadvantages of MDF, ”we help you better understand MDF. Check out our wood products here!


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