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What is HDF wood board? Advantages and preservation of HDF wooden planks - MDF Thanh Thanh Dat

Besides MDF planks, HDF planks are a lot of people interested, Let's join with MDF Thanh Thanh Dat Joint Stock Company to find out what HDF planks are, what advantages it has.

What is HDF wood board?

HDF stands for High Density Fireboard, which means high density fiberboard. HDF is an industrial wood made up of 80-85% of natural wood, the rest is additives that increase the hardness and adhesion of wood.

As for the wood core, HDF's wood core can be white or blue depending on the input material. It is noted that the quality of the core does not depend on the color of the core. Most HDF wooden boards use E1 standard, this can be said to be a standard that ensures the wooden core has enough hardness, durability and is completely derived from nature, not harmful to user health.

Advantages of HDF wooden planks

✔️ HDF is highly insulating, good soundproofing so in interior design, people often use this type of wood for bedrooms, classrooms and kitchen cabinets ...

✔️ The surface of the wooden planks is uniform and smooth

✔️ HDF boards have more than 40 colors to choose or switch depending on the aesthetic needs of the user.

✔️ The inside of HDF wooden planks is an industrial bone frame made of antiseptics and has been dried to overcome the disadvantages of warping or heavy compared with natural wood.

Application of wood HDF

✔️ In addition to the smooth surface, HDF planks are patterned and grain-like real wood, while the original board is yellow like the color of carton paper.

✔️ Basically, HDF boards are more moisture-resistant than MDF boards because the internal structure has a higher density than regular plywood, so HDF is quite popular in interior design.

✔️ Hardness, the hardness of HDF wooden planks How to preserve HDF boards and products made from HDF boards

✔️ Clean dirt on wood with a soft dry cloth, never use a wet cloth

✔️ Do not expose HDF wood products to water

✔️ In the wet, wet season, wooden objects with water accumulation or moldy phenomena can be handled by placing desiccant bags inside, wiping with a dry cloth, then applying a layer of walnut oil surface

HDF wooden planks has been widely used in interior design right now in advanced countries such as USA, Korea, Japan ... Refer to the wooden products of Thanh Thanh Dat MDF Joint Stock Company in here!

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