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What are the differences between MDF and HDF boards? - MDF Thanh Thanh Dat

Currently, MDF and HDF are two common types of wooden boards and are popular in interior design. So, what is the difference between MDF and HDF boards, let's find out!

How are MDF and HDF boards made?

Basically, both types of wood are made from pulverized wood, then mixed with glue, water and some other chemicals, finally used to press into pieces of size and wood. different thickness. In this process, HDF boards are compressed and pressed under high pressure than MDF boards.

MDF Thanh Thanh Dat Wooden Factory

Likewise, however, between these two types of wood plank, there is also a difference in wood fiber density when producing. We can totally recognize that difference right in their names:

MDF: Medium Density Fireboard - average fiber density: with 75% wood fiber density

HDF: High-Density Fireboard - high fiber density: with wood fiber density of 80 - 85%

The similarity of MDF and HDF boards:

✔️ Surface sizes are both large

✔️ Overcoming the disadvantages of natural wood is not warping, dented.

✔️ Easy to process, choose the color you like

✔️ Smooth surface, smooth, easy to paint, or squeeze more surface coatings such as veneer, acrylic ...

✔️ Good moisture resistance if the finishing quality is high

✔️ Scratch-resistant

✔️ High price compared to other types of wooden boards on the market such as plywood, particleboard... 

Differences between MDF and HDF boards


✔️ HDF boards are more rigid than MDF boards

✔️ HDF boards have a higher density of wood fibers than MDF boards, so they will resist warping better, withstand better payloads.

✔️ HDF boards are more resistant to moisture, insulation, sound insulation than MDF

✔️ The durability of HDF is very high, greater than 10 years compared to MDF

✔️ The price of HDF is higher than MDF. However, if comparing the product quality, HDF has a better price than natural wood

✔️ Regarding use purposes: MDF is often used for interior decoration, making details such as cabinets, cupboards ... and HDF is often used as furniture but also used as exterior, flooring, bridge decking. stairs or soundproofing in the bedroom ...

Application of wood HDF

In general, the two types of wooden boards mentioned above are widely used in interior design because of their excellent advantages and flexible adaptability. If you are looking for a good quality industrial wood, MDF and HDF boards can be a great choice. Check out our wood samples here!

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